Majestic Select Blue Short Coach Jacket Majestic Select is the new premium Japanese line from Majestic Athletic. Borne out of the Japanese love for baseball and American culture, Majestic Select is tasked with incorporating these ideas into everything they produce, and in doing so, each individually crafted piece successfully brings together quality sportswear for the contemporary combined with the subtle aesthetic details of old. Majestic Select is the only sportswear brand out there with the rights to all major US sporting outfits, meaning the latest we’ve just got in at Number Six doesn’t feature your typical everyday names, but instead brings out references to the smaller towns and teams of East Coast America that resonate with the casuals in Tokyo. Majestic Select Grey Crew Neck Sweat The Majestic Select Grey Crew Neck Sweat, picture above, features a vintage style and beautifully woven Brooklyn Dodgers embroidery on top of a heavyweight fleece with a super soft feel. It smoothly brings cutting edge modern engineering to a classic American design. While the Majestic Select Short Coach Jacket is a lightweight, snug-fitting coat fully lined with a hi-tech cotton-polyester blend. Despite the modern technology used in construction, the jacket is clearly an original piece of American sportswear, and comes in three beautiful colours that you can see below.

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