Its funny how something as simple as a hat can tell you a lot about the person that’s wearing it. Some of us wear them for utility, some for style. Whatever your reason there’s no questioning its importance in a man’s wardrobe. Continuing our features highlighting various pieces we thought it was time to dedicate a feature to hats and pick out some of our favorites. We thought it would be interesting to feature three completely different hats. From Ebbets Field Flannels, Dickies and Universelle værker. Founded by Jerry Cohen Ebbets Field Flannels has an expertise when it comes to vintage baseball gear of second to none. From jerseys to jackets and hats each piece is painstakingly created using vintage materials and manufacturing techniques. The cap we have picked is the Ebbets Field Flannels Royal Blue/Red Seattle Rainers 1939 Cap. Made in USA from wool broadcloath material the cap has an satin inner taping, felt appliqie S, goat hair buckram crown and a cotton sweatband. It’s also an exact replication of the 1939 ballcap worn by the Seattle Rainers who were previously known as the Seattle Indians PCL. Universelle værker take on the classic fisherman hat. Made with 100% waxed cotton the hat includes details such as metal grommets and a mesh lining for ventilation. And we finally have the Dickies Navy Lenwood Bobble Hat for those cold summer evenings. This chunky beanie features a large bobble and a fold up hem with the Dickies label sewn to the side. You can pick up any one of these hats from our online-store or by calling in to Number Six on Brick Lane.

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